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Jennifer Williams, OTD/L

Hi, I'm Ms. Jennifer. I believe in the power of play and positive relationships to help kids learn and grow.  As an OT I tune in to each child's interests and present activities with the "just right challenge". At Helping Hands we're always looking at the underlying challenges of an activity - for example what are the motor, sensory processing, self-regulation skills involved? We aim to keep it in the sweet spot: not too easy, not too hard. It's the special sauce that keeps kids intrinsically motivated to learn and engage. And it keeps me thinking creatively every day!


I'm passionate about strengths-based practice that's grounded in evidence, from positive parenting strategies to sensory based interventions. I am not ashamed to admit that I read developmental research for fun and love discussing it! But I try to balance my academic side with fun - whether it's reading a good novel, being silly with my husband and two dogs, digging in the garden, dancing around the kitchen, or exploring a state park. We all need some play time in our lives!

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