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Megan Wasson, COTA/L

Ms. Megan earned her Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy at St. Catherine's University. Prior to joining Helping Hands, Inc., she worked with children from infants to teenagers in both school and home settings.

Her favorite thing to do/use in our facility during treatment is to provide fun and engaging play-based therapy to address fine, gross, and visual motor development, handwriting, sensory integration, social skills, and self care. 

Her certifications and/or training and experience with include: QuickShifts, Autism, Handwriting Without Tears, Yoga as a Modality, Reflex Integration, Astronaut Training, Brain Gym, Brain Connections, Zones of Regulation, Alert Program, Social Thinking, Use of SI as a Tool, and Twice Exceptional; and she has attended the M.O.R.E. conference.

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